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Eleven plus exams are selective exams for state secondary school admission in to year 7.

These tests are predominately held at the begining of year 6, but recently, some tests are held at the end of year 5.

The tests can vary and can usually include one or more of the following components:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Comprehension
  • Mathematics (sometimes including data processing)
  • Non-verbal Reasoning

The following regions administer their own examinations at the beginning of year 6 or end of year 5: 

11+ Bexley 11+ Gloucestershire 11+ North Yorkshire 11+ Torbay
11+ Birmingham 11+ Herfordshire 11+ Plymouth 11+ Trafford
11+ Bournemouth 11+ Kent 11+ Poole 11+ Walsall
11+ Bromley 11+ Kingston-upon-Thames 11+ Reading 11+ Warwickshire
11+ Buckinghamshire 11+ Kirklees 11+ Redbridge 11+ Watford
11+ Calderdale 11+ Lancashire 11+ Slough 11+ Wiltshire
11+ Cumbria 11+ Lincolnshire 11+ Southend-on-Sea 11+ Wirral
11+ Devon 11+ Liverpool 11+ Surrey 11+ Wolverhampton
11+ Enfield 11+ Medway Towns 11+ Sutton 11+ Wrekin
11+ Essex

Recently, 11-plus exam success is often an indication of how prepared a child was and not how intelligent a child was.

CEM 11 PlusTM (Children's Educational Material for the 11+) can help prepare a child where maths, data processing and NVR are tested. is an excellent tool for Verbal Reasoning/English preparation for the 11+


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