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Access to CoolCleverKids requires a subscription to (access is not free).

To subscribe to a parent/guardian or tutor needs to register, by entering their details.

An account activation email will then be sent to their email address, which contains a link. Simply click on the link to activate your account.

Then login to

You should then enter details of a child. A username and password for the child will be automatically generated (which can be changed).

Once child details have been entered, you may go to the subscription screen and select a subscription to

A parent account can have unlimited children, but each child will require their own subscription.

We do NOT store payment details as these are processed on a secure page via PayPal.
Payment details are NOT requested at registration.

Special Offer: new lower prices.

One off payments (Pay by credit or debit card or PayPal. PayPal account not required)
1 Month Subscription @ £25/month (one off payment). £ 25.00
3 Months Subscription @ £23/month (one off payment). £ 69.00
6 Months Subscription @ £21.50/month (one off payment). £ 129.00
Twelve Months Subscription @ £20/month (one off payment). £ 240.00
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