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1. What makes you different to other private tuition methods?

We teach traditional maths, in a logical manner. We provide lessons, examples and then practice questions and tests, all at a low monthly cost, often less than the cost of 1 hour private lesson with a tutor, and far less than leading study centre based systems. We also provide word based questions and tests, with explanations. Children can download and print lessons and worksheet or undertake them online with automatic marking with results stored in a history tab.

2. What age group is the site for?
3. How often should my child use this site?
4. Why should I use this site?
5. What is the 11+, and can CCK help?
6. CEM 11+ Maths Preparation: How should I prepare my child?
7. Why are tables so important?
8. How quickly should my child progress.
9. Why do you teach the same thing in different methods?
10. Why do some Worksheets have “Generate New”
11. Why do you have Random worksheets?
12. Are the SATS tests original?
13. Why are your SATS tests better?
14. Why do you show the time taken to complete a test and not time out a test.
15. I cannot seem to print an answer sheet.
16. I cannot seem to undertake a worksheet online.
17. I cannot seem to download a lesson.
18. When I try to login, nothing happens.
19. Tests do not appear.
20. My 11+ exam is multiple choice, why are not all your questions multiple choice?
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