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Technical   Technical Set-up

The system is optimised for Mozilla Firefox and we recommend you use this browser with

The system also works with popular browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 9; Firefox; Apple Safari; Google Chrome, and Opera. There are minor issues which may impact on the user experience with some of these browsers.

Please note: Internet Explorer 10 has compatability issues due to not compliance of standards. Internet Explorer 10 users should click F12 and select the Brower mode as IE 9 and then click F12 again.

The Flash Player has now been replaced with HTML5. If you cannot hear audio files in tests you must allow audio and video in auto play in your brower to undertake spelling and mental maths tests.

Current issues with browsers:

In undertaking questions in Test mode, depending upon your browser, you may need to magnify the screen size to 120% or higher to view the last digit in the timer displayed in the question number boxes.

Playing videos may encounter issues with Safari.
The Exam mode Grid displays the question number and time on the line in Opera and IE10.


Ensure your browser has

  1. Cookies enabled 

The following video shows how you can enable cookies:


  1. Javascript enabled

The following video shows how you can enable javascript: 


  1. Pop-ups enabled (required to undertake worksheets and tests online)

Or allow pop-ups from the following site:      



You have the choice to either allow pop-ups from the above two domains or allow all pop-ups from all domains. (The first option is recommended).


  1. Enabled printing of background colours and images  (Safari does it by default)


If you wish to print worksheets some questions may have charts with shaded colours and questions may be based upon colours. If this option is not set, then charts may appear blank and questions will not make sense. 

You can test your browser prints background colours at:


Enabling Pop-ups

To enable pop-ups from all sites


Go to Tools->Privacy->Uncheck box [ ] Turn on Pop-up Blocker




Another method in:

Internet Explorer:          Go to Tools-> Popup->Blocker-> Turn off popup blocker


(If the last menu says Turn On Pop-up blocker, then pop-ups are already enabled)


To allow pop-ups from   *


Go to Tools -> Pop-up Blocker


Then enter *   in the box and click Add


This entry should appear as below (along with any other entries you may have).



Google Chrome's default behaviour is to minimise and then display only the title bar of pop-ups in the lower right section of the browser window (A message Pop-ups Blocked: appears). Users can view a pop-up's content by dragging its title bar into a more visible position.


Enabled printing of background colours and images

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Under Internet Options", select the "Advanced" tab. In the window of options, locate the "Printing" section. Check the box entitled "Print background colors and image".


Mozilla Firefox

Select File -> Page Setup... and other Options, check the box marked "Print Background (colours and images).


Setting Changes for Apple Safari

By default, Safari will print the colours in the backgrounds of tables.

Setting Changes for Netscape Navigator

Under the Edit button, select Preferences.

Then click on Appearance so that it expands/explodes, and then click on Colors.

On the Colors panel, locate the section labelled "Sometimes a document will provide its own colors and background."

Make sure that "Always use the colors and background specified by the web page" is checked.

Then press Ok.


Test Printing Background Colours

A small test page is available for testing your web browser and confirming that colour table printing is working.

That test page can be found

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