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"I found CCK helped me in my school work. I used to find maths hard, but now I enjoy maths and find it easy. I love the way my work is marked by the computer and the history of all my results are stored for my mum and dad to see, from their own login. They were so proud of me when I achieved 5B in my year 5 optional SATS test."
James (aged 10)

"CoolCleverKids helped me in my maths. The lessons and examples were easy to understand. I love the video clips. My teacher told me I have really improved and the worksheets helped me with my SATS tests. In year 3, I reached level 4C".

Abigail (aged 8)

Using CCK I passed my 11+ and got the secondary school of my choice. I also got  5A in my year 6 SATS maths test.
Kiran (aged 11)

"I love the video clips which explain how do work out answers. They are fun to watch and it is like having a teacher explaining the subject to you. I always watch clips covering what I do at school."
Arran (aged 8)

"The lesson notes are great. They are clear and it is like having your own maths book. I print them out and use them to revise what I have learnt.” I like this history so I can try and beat my previous records without having to compete with others."
Ajay (aged 10)

"My parents used to take me to a test centre twice a week. I got repetitive worksheets every day. It was so boring. There was no teaching, just the same worksheets 365 days a year. Now, I can log on to my computer, learn what I need to learn by reading, watching and practicing. I can challenge myself to do better and don’t have to waste time waiting for my work to be marked."
Lydia (aged 8)


"Joining CoolCleverKids is the best decision I made for my two children. I no longer have to worry about what they should learn or how they should learn. Best of all I don't have  to waste time travelling to a study centre to get worksheets marked and pickup new sheets. The programme is such great value and actually provides lessons. It is much lower cost than programmes that require a weekly trip to a study centre or a personal tutor. At first I was sceptical but the results speak for themselves. My children’s maths has improved dramatically as well as keyboard skills! I recommend it highly."  
Mrs K Parmar
"I tried fancy maths sites in which children played games to learn. At first my child liked it, the soon got bored. He spent so much time, but learnt very little. I liked CCK as the core maths is traditional, with learning via lessons, presentations and worksheets. When a child wants to play he can play with game consoles. I like to keep study and play different. This way learning is focused and quicker. Time is not wasted. It is useful to note that for those parents who want maths games, there are links to games."
Mr Banks
"What makes this site so good is the focus on core principles and the examples. So many questions focus on SATS type questions, with worked examples, so your child is prepared when (s)he takes the actual tests. Random questions can be generated, to enable your child to practice questions they have difficulty with."

Mrs Sinclair

"My daughter needed help in her maths. The question was: pay £35 an hour for a personal tutor or find another solution. CCK was great, it was like having a personal tutor at low cost. No marking and no travelling. She was happy using the system and I was happy when her numeracy skills improved."
Steve Brown


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