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Remember, CoolCleverKids provides much more than just a maths question generator
(generatate 400+ worksheets/tests):
- Lesson Notes and over 400 worksheets
- Links to appropriate Online Video Clips
- Links to carefully selected Maths Games
- Comprehensive Multiplication Tables
- SATS style KS1 and KS2 tests for year
   2,3,4,5,6, marked, with full explanations
-  SATS KS2 year 6 questions by topic
- Real 11+ Maths Entrance Exams solved 
- Reports by question subject category
 Year 6 KS2 SATS style Science tests
- Year 6 KS2 SATS Spelling tests


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   What children say about CCK   
"I found CCK helped me in my school work. I used to find maths hard, but now I enjoy maths and find it easy. I love the way my work is marked by the computer and the history of all my results are stored for my mum and dad to see, from their own login. They were so proud of me when I achieved 5B in my year 5 optional SATS test." 
James (aged 10)            
     What parents say about CCK 

"Joining CoolCleverKids is the best decision I made for my two children. I no longer have to worry about what they should learn or how they should learn. Best of all I do not have to waste time travelling to a study centre to get worksheets marked and pickup new sheets. The programme is such great value and actually provides lessons. It is much lower cost than programmes that require a weekly trip to a study centre or a personal tutor. At first I was sceptical but the results speak for themselves. My childrens` maths has improved dramatically as well as keyboard skills! I recommend it highly. 
Mrs M Parmar
  What teachers say about CCK  
SATS styles tests in maths and science is good practice for children and their results speak for themselves. Well done to CCK! Miss Pemble


Private online Maths tuition for KS1, KS2  and 11+. Read, Watch, Practice and Play. Downloadable lesson notes, play video lessons, and links to games. Online 11+ and SATS style tests, automatically marked.